At Arizona Corrugated Container we expect three fundamental success qualities in our team members: skills, 知识, and most imprtant, integrity with a positive attitude.

ACC and TCC tries to select the most qualified person for each job. We encourage an atmosphere of equal opportunity – through continuing training and education—to upgrade skills and capabilities We believe “There is a better way—find it!”
We expect competent problem solving at all levels. We strive to be responsible, innovative, and to have an exciting place to work. Our core values focus on guiding principles of corporate cutlure.

Experienced versatilepeople are an important asset of the 400 employees in the CalBox集团 family. Their talent and performance will be recognized and encouraged to contribute. 结果是, we are proud of our employees, 他们的信任, 道德, and their loyalty toward their Company and each other.

We do not offer jobs, we offer careers. The success our team members achieve reflects the success of our being a family owned manufacturer of packaging products.

职位空缺 求援副本

We are always accepting applications or resumes from people with corrugated or related experience.

Click here to email your resume.
Application hours are from
8:00 am - 5:00 pm.
You may also fax your resume to:  Attn: HR
Fax : (562) 921-3666 or
电话: (520)746-3171
In absolute confidence, email questions or ask for an
application: Email Human Resources or call (520)746-3171

Our Most Valuable Asset –

To demonstrate our commitment to our associates, the CalBox集团 offers all our full-time employees one of the most comprehensive benefits and incentive programs available in our industry.
  • 医疗计划
Our Associates have available:
  • Health Insurance
  • 药物、视觉 & 牙科程序
  • Workman's Compensation Insurance
  • 人寿保险
Our four plants are strategically located for our employees, suppliers and clients. Multiple locations create better training, quicker response, stronger company and increased levels of retention. Transfers are possible.
These programs foster employee retention and helps Associates generate saving for their retirement Associates are paid on a weekly basis. There’s never a waiting period. Pay can be directly deposited into an Associate’s bank account or pay card.
  • 假期工资
All Associates are eligible for vacation pay after 1500 hours of work (approximately 38 weeks) within a 12-month period. Our “Associate of the Month” Program is designed to recognize our staff associates.
  • 好主意奖金
Our Associates are monetarily rewarded for new employees they refer (Referrals must satisfactorily complete at least one month of work.) Associates are paid up to $200.oo for money saving ideas, submitted in writing to the Vice-President, with a copy to the CBC President. Paid on implementation.
  • 贷款
  • 生产 & 安全奖金
Interest free emergency loans up to $400.oo for Associates with at least two weeks vacation accrued.
加入储蓄 & Loan Association for additional benefits, including direct deposit savings and loans.
Meet your goals, don’t have an accident or be tardy for a complete quarter and you will be rewarded.
  • 良好的健康 & 考勤奖金
Show up on time, don’t miss work and you are rewarded.
(Refer to Wellness Program)
We encourage you continuous improvement.  (Refer to the employees manual.)  We can pay for your education.
  • 假期
Your company pays you 10 holidays per year. The company pays 15% to the federal government for your retirement benefits – half (7.5%) is paid by you.
  • 状态(隋) & 联邦(腰布)
Unemployment Insurance. Your company pays 100% for this benefit. CBC Group practices and open door policy. All Associates have access to our HR Manager and supervisors to discuss employee satisfaction, career goals and to ensure proper problem resolution.
Employees are given an opportunity to critique company services, such as benefits, 生产, quality or safety and offer suggestions for improvement.